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Chiangrai Tour

Chiangrai is known to many travellers as a “shopping heaven” and is famous for the “Golden Triangle” area. This is where Laos and Myanmar boarder meets. It is packed with many tourist going in and out for a VISA run. Chiangrai also has many tourist attractions such as the beautiful mountain scenery and it’s the first thing you’ll notice from the start of entering the province. Chiangrai is also famous for it’s nature, as jungle trekking is popular and recommended in many trails.

A worth while spot to visit : the Opium Museum which has exhibits concerning the history of opium production in the region at the past. Now a day, Golden Triangle turned to the most attractions place to visit in the north of Thailand. Continue on from the Golden Triangle to Chiangsaen. This town has a very ancient and stormy history. It was founded in 1327 by a grandson of King Mengrai ( Founder of Chiangmai ), on the site of much more ancient city. The town of Chiangsaen itself is shaded and attraction front on the Mae Khong river.

The Golden Triangle, Chiangrai

You haven’t seen all of Chiangrai until you’ve made a trip to the Golden Triangle. It is considered a famous border where Thailand meets Laos and Myanmar on the Mekong River. The Golden Triangle is the center of all cultivation in Thailand.

Mae Sai, Chiangrai

Mae Sai ( Myanmar Border ) 66 kilometers north of Chiangrai and it’s also the northern most point of Thailand. Mae-Sai itself is relatively undistinguished , but it is the gate way to other attractions of interest. The last extent of the town’s main road as it approaches the border crossing to Myanmar features shops selling jade and other gems that are actively traded between Myanmar and Thailand , also there are stands offering local and hill tribe handicrafts of all sorts for sale. Upon completing the Mae-Sai visited , further to the would famous Golden Triangle. Not only is this spot the place where the borders of Tnailand , Laos and Myanmar meet , but it was , of course notorious for being the center of large share of the world’s opium production.

Chiangsaen, Chiangrai

One hour by road from Chiangsaen is the Union of Hill tribes Village , visit Long Neck Karen / Akha / Yao / Palong and Hmong etc., Before leaving Chiangrai , a stop will be made at the one and only temple in Thailand “ Wat Rong Khun” to visit incredible White Temple , the creation of the Buddhist Artwork for the Auspicious offering to the Lord Buddha. Other places on route ( if interested ) are able to visit on request if time permit and possibility !

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