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We are a group of tour guide experience in exploring the north of Thailand since 1990.


Learning Thai

Obviously, the north of Thailand are more into their Thai culture other than what is going on in the world. I believe the term for that is “Living Under a Rock”. Thus, learning a few Thai words could get you far. So what do you say? Are you up for a challenge? keep in mind though, learning is not only an experience, but also fun!

Let’s begin with a polite ending. In English we would say “please” and “thank you”. Thai people always end their sentence with a “krup” for a man and “kha” for a woman. It’s another polite way of saying a sentence in a polite manner.

Now that you’ve understand the basic of a sentence, let’s get you ready to start or end a conversation:

Basic Greeting and Phrases

Hello / Good morningSawasdee (Krub / Kha)
Thank youKhob Khun (Krub / Kha)
Never mindMai pen rai (Krub / Kha)
How are you?Sabai dee mai (Krub / Kha)?
Fine thanks!Sabai dee (Krub / Kha)
I can't speak ThaiChan pood pa-sah Thai mai dai (Krub / Kha)
Do you understand?Khun kao jai mai (Krub / Kha)?
Where are you going?Khun ja pai nai (Krub / Kha)?
Where is the toilet?Hong naam yu thi nai (Krub / Kha)?
That's too expensiveMun phang pai (Krub / Kha)
How much is it?Thao rai (Krub / Kha)?
I'm hungryChan huew laew
May I have the menu please!Chan kho menu duay!
The bill, pleaseKeb Taang duay (Krub / Kha)
Good byeLa kon (Krub / Kha)
Good luckChok dee (Krub / Kha)
See you againLeaw phob kan mai (Krub / Kha)
Please to meet youDee jai thee dai phob khun
Happy New YearSawasdee pee mai (Krub / Kha)
I don't wantMai ow (Krub / Kha)
Excuse me / SorryKaw toord (Krub / Kha)
What is your name?Khun cheu arai (Krub / Kha)
My name is...Chan cheu...
TodayWan nee
YesterdayMeua wan nee
Not spicyMai phet
Happy BirthdaySook san wan kerd
I love you!Phom (chan) ruk khun!
Politness particles are frequently used , particularly when asking or answering questions. They soften the words spoken and encourage a harmonious feeling in the mind of Thai !


Keep in mind that as you learn along and speak more to a local Thai people, you'll get even better and better and most of all, it's fun to communicate because Thai people are very friendly!
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