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We are a group of tour guide experience in exploring the north of Thailand since 1990.


Mae Tamann, Chiangmai, Thailand

Heading north around 50 km/s north of Chiangmai city stand one of nature’s best sight seeing district in Chiangmai called Mae Tamann. You’ll see all sort of scenery, sighting seeing, etc.

Mae Tamann, Chiangmai – Elephant Camp

One of it’s main highlight is the Elephant Camp. Here, you get to see them being trained and work on various task that visitors can view and enjoy. You may also ride the elephants (pics shown below).

Mae Tamann, Chiangmai – Bamboo Rafting

In the same place, you can enjoy bamboo rafting along the quiet peaceful river while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

Mae Tamann, Chiangmai – White Water Rafting

If you’re up for a little hard adventure and you’re the type that loves the thrill. Mae Tamann offers you a ride down it’s river stream, where you’ll be on a boat rafting down the hard stream.

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